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We opened our doors in 2005, with headquarters located in Sandy Springs. Embracing our core value of relationship-based, personalized banking has allowed us to grow our brand successfully over the years.

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Dr. Weinstein Couldn’t Keep His Patients Waiting

He Needed a Financial Partner He Could Trust.

How could you possibly liken Neuropsychology to Banking?  Dr. Weinstein relates the two because he understands that both professions require a balance of technical expertise and knowledge, along with collaboration with the person you’re committed to helping.  “For 17 years I’ve trusted my banker, Nicole Klein, with my financial needs and having her with a local community bank like Signature ensures she can continue to customize solutions for me.  The respect, advice, and responsiveness I receive from Nicole and her team leave me confident that my practice and I are a priority.  That kind of individualized attention is hard to come by these days.”

Jay Weinstein, Ph.D.
Managing Partner,
Atlanta Clinical Group

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