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Benefits of Banking: How to Open a Business Bank Account

Business Bank Account

Did you know that 75 percent of struggling small businesses feel that being disorganized affects their productivity? As a company, you can’t afford to have your processes all over the place. That relates to staff organization, how you conduct meetings, and pretty much every single aspect of your entire operations! One area in particular that you need to … read more

6 Ecommerce Fraud Protection Strategies You Need to Implement

Fraud Protection

Every year more than $20 billion are lost due to fraud during the online payment process. These issues can be devastating for businesses and leave them in financial trouble if not taken care of quickly. If you’re not careful, they can come out of nowhere and cost your overall bottom line. That’s why it’s crucial to set … read more

Understanding the Differences Between Credit vs Debit Cards

Understanding Credit vs Debit Cards

Over 60% of Americans have some kind of credit card, and some even have multiple cards. Credit cards make it easy to make purchases, pay bills online, and more, but some people resort to using their debit cards for the same purpose. But what is the difference between credit and debit cards? Should you favor one over … read more

7 E-Banking Safety Tips


Over 22% of baby boomers feel distrust towards e-banking. Yet almost one-third of millennials and Gen X have a bank account with an online-only bank. So why are baby boomers so concerned about online banking? Well, even though e-banking is becoming incredibly popular, it does still come with a set of risks and potential attacks from hackers … read more

How to Survive With Financial Planning During COVID

Signature Bank of GA

Thousands of people in the US suffered from depleted savings accounts due to the pandemic. COVID-19 had a major impact on lives all around the world. Many people were restricted from seeing their loved ones, going to work, or leaving their homes. No one was prepared for the struggles presented by the pandemic. Even though vaccines are … read more

Investing For Women: Breaking The Financial Glass Ceiling

Signature Bank Of GA

Even though women earn less in the workplace overall, they’re more likely to have higher savings rates and better retirement plan participation. And, although some women invest, it doesn’t compare to the number of men that do so as well. In fact, men are not only more likely to invest in the stock market. They’re also more … read more

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