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Should You Get a Personal Loan for Your Business? Everything to Know


Your business is starting up, and you’ve found that one of the largest roadblocks is finding funding. Now you’re wondering if getting a personal loan for business is the right thing to do. There are just as many pros as cons to getting a personal loan. Read on to find out how these pros and…

5 Ways to Maximize Excess Balances

growing money

For most businesses, it’s feast or famine. You’re either flush with cash, or you’re counting every penny to make sure you’re in the black. Cash flow management is the one skill that business owners have to have. Do you know the number one reason why businesses close? The lack of cash flow. Managing money in…

What is a HELOC and How Do They Work?

line of credit

In 2018, the Federal Reserve Bank estimated that consumer loans across all commercial banks in the US were valued at over $1 trillion. Americans use loans to purchase cars, send their kids to college, consolidate their debt, and for emergency reasons. If you need access to large sums for these or any other reason, you…

A Guide to Investment Options

investment options

About 35% of Americans have less than $1,000 saved for their retirement, excluding the value of their home. If you want your golden years to truly be golden, you’re going to need a lot more savings than that. To kickstart those savings, you might consider starting to invest. Investing is one way to make additional…

What’s a HELOC? Everything You Need to Know About Home Equity Line of Credit

home equity line of credit

Between 2018 and 2022, nearly ten million homeowners will tap into a home equity line of credit for a financial boost. What do these people know that you don’t? Read on for everything you need to know about the amazing borrowing power you already have if you are a homeowner. Harnessing Your Home’s Value Homeowners…

How to Choose the Right Bank for Your Small Business

Hand choosing mini wood house model from model and row of coin money on wood table, selective focus, Planning to buy property. Choose what's the best. A symbol for construction ,ecology, loan concepts

If you have a small business, there’s no shortage of things you need to keep up with. For your banking services, you need a bank that offers reliable, helpful service that encourages your business to grow. This helpful guide will show you how to choose a bank that will enhance your small business and give…

How Do Business Loans Work? Everything You Need to Know

Loan Concept

Here’s a nugget of wisdom that not all business owners know… Companies with debt are 19% more likely to make it past the third year compared to those without debt. Also, these borrowers made almost 200% more profits than those with no debt within the same time frame! All these highlight how big a role…

10 Finance Tips Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know

business finance

Lack of knowledge about finance and accounting is a significant problem in the small business world, with 60% of small business owners feeling like they don’t know enough. Part of the issue is that business finance may not sound very exciting, but exciting or not, it’s a critical part of your business. Here are 10 important finance…

4 Essential Credit Card Tips for Entrepreneurs

credit card

You always need to be ready for the unexpected as an entrepreneur. You never know when an opportunity or a challenge might arise that could change the fate of one of your enterprises. This is one of the main reasons why credit is one of the biggest assets a skilled entrepreneur has at their disposal….

What Are the Benefits of Building a Good Business Credit Score?

business credit score

There are about 28 million small businesses currently operating in the United States alone. But the most successful companies all have one thing in common: a great business credit score. Building your business’s credit score takes time, but the higher the number is, the better off you’ll be. So, why is having a great score…