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6 Reasons Why It’s so Important to Open a Business Bank Account

open a business bank account

There are more than 30.2 million small businesses in the United States, with this number growing each year. There’s no question that opening our own business and being your own boss is extremely appealing. However, as you step into the role of small business owner, you also take on many new responsibilities. You have to…

Building Business Credit: A Guide for Small Businesses

building business credit
[scf-post-title] We’ve all seen the job listings “entry-level position, five years experience required.” It’s like you need experience to get experience. The experience trap isn’t only relegated to job hunting, either. 27% of small-business owners and entrepreneurs aren’t able to get the funding they need. 82% of startups are funded by the founders themselves. Paying…

7 Critical Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bank

choosing a bank

Choosing a bank isn’t as overwhelming as it may seem! In fact, it can be an awesome opportunity to break into the world of financial success. Banking your money gives you better control over your income and outcome. You become more aware of what’s happening with your money and where it’s going. Another benefit is…

5 Important Advantages of Doing Business With Local Community Banks

local community banks

People spend years or decades finding a person they trust as their spouse. And yet, we put little thought into which bank to trust with our livelihood. Maybe it’s time for that to change. Some people opt for large banks because they assume they have more convenience features. In reality, many local community banks have…

Roger Shaffer Joins the Board at Signature Bank of Georgia

Roger Shaffer

Roger Shaffer, private wealth manager, joins the Board of Directors of Signature Bank of Georgia. Shaffer has over two decades of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to founding Shaffer Wealth Management at HighTower in 2013 as Managing Director, he was a Senior Vice-President with SunTrust Investment Services, Inc and Financial Advisor with Merrill…