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4 Essential Reasons for Opening a Business Savings Account

Business savings account

As of 2015, about 25 percent of small business owners were using personal accounts for business-related transactions. Sure, it’s been over three years since then, but so many small businesses are yet to operate business bank accounts. In 2018 and beyond, it’s not enough to open a business checking account. You also need a business savings … read more

5 Questions to Ask Before Opening an Account at a Community Bank

Opening an account

Are you still working with a big, national bank that’s no longer serving you? You’re not alone! Studies show the average person stays with a bank for 16 to 20 years or longer after first opening an account. With fees hitting all-time highs and personalized service reaching new lows, it’s surprising that people are still hesitant … read more

Everything You Need to Know About How to Open a Business Bank Account

how to open a business bank account

As an entrepreneur, managing your finances can be one of the most mentally exhausting things when you are starting out. Do you want to learn how to open a business bank account to track your finances? A business bank account will keep you from dipping into your own personal accounts that you use to survive … read more

7 Critical Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bank

Choosing a bank

Choosing a bank isn’t as overwhelming as it may seem! In fact, it can be an awesome opportunity to break into the world of financial success. Banking your money gives you better control over your income and outcome. You become more aware of what’s happening with your money and where it’s going. Another benefit is … read more

5 Important Advantages of Doing Business With Local Community Banks

Local community banks

People spend years or decades finding a person they trust as their spouse. And yet, we put little thought into which bank to trust with our livelihood. Maybe it’s time for that to change. Some people opt for large banks because they assume they have more convenience features. In reality, many local community banks have … read more

Signature Bank Increases Community Support

SANDY SPRINGS, GA. Signature Bank of Georgia will be donating their time, talent and treasure in 2014 and beyond to help support the Community Assistance Center (CAC) in Sandy Springs & Dunwoody. Upcoming events benefitting from Signature’s sponsorship include the CAC’s Food ‘n Fun Festival at Morgan Falls Athletic Complex on Saturday May 10th and … read more

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