Business Checking Accounts

How quickly would you like to receive our brand of personalized service? Come to our bank and we’ll issue your Debit Card and print your initial checks in a matter of minutes.

You’ll be ready to do business the same day!

Use our comparison tool to find the right account for you!

Business Builder Checking

Simple checking, ideal for businesses with a lower transaction volume. Enjoy no fees.

Business Relationship Checking

A relationship package for established businesses with transaction volumes up to 500 per month. Many ways to enjoy no fees.

Analysis Checking

Analysis checking allows you greater control of your banking relationship. Multiple accounts can be consolidated into a single relationship to offset service charges and all account information can be viewed in a single statement.

High Performance Business Checking

Earn a higher rate on your higher balances.

IOLTA Accounts

Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts Checking

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