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The Value of a Banking Partnership for Small Businesses During COVID-19

Remember what it was like to live during “precedented” times? The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the entire world financially, forced us all to think on our feet and innovate creative solutions to problems we never even anticipated.  Never before have sturdy relationships between small businesses and their banking partners been so important. The COVID-19 crisis … read more

9 Reasons Why It Is Smart to Have Multiple Savings Accounts

piggy bank with coins below

As Jerry Seinfeld might have said had he joked about financial instruments, “What’s the deal with multiple savings accounts?” If the goal is to save, why do you have to stash money in so many accounts that you forget where you put it? Well, we’re exaggerating there for effect. The reality is you don’t have … read more

Should You Get a Personal Loan for Your Business? Everything to Know

PERSONAL LOAN Businessman working at office desk and using computer and objects, coffee, top view,

Your business is starting up, and you’ve found that one of the largest roadblocks is finding funding. Now you’re wondering if getting a personal loan for business is the right thing to do. There are just as many pros as cons to getting a personal loan. Read on to find out how these pros and … read more

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