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This disclosure describes the process that must occur before we can provide you with electronic disclosures, notices, and eStatements (such as by email or website). It also describes your rights in the event you consent to receiving electronic disclosures, notices, and eStatements. First we must inform you as to the computer hardware and software requirements to receive and keep the electronic disclosures, notices, and eStatements. Then we must make an electronic request for your consent. Finally, you must give your consent electronically in response to our request. You understand prior to giving your consent that:

Your consent applies only to disclosures and notices regarding your deposit accounts, including your periodic account statements;

Unless you consent, you have the right to receive all required disclosures in paper or non-electronic form;
Even after consent, if you want to receive a paper copy of the disclosure in addition to the electronic disclosure you can obtain one free of charge by calling us;

You can withdraw your consent at any time by calling us; and

You must promptly provide us with the information (such as an email address) needed to communicate with you electronically and update us as to any changes in such information by calling us.

We reserve the right to provide any disclosures, notices or statements in writing, rather than electronically. Except as otherwise provided by law or in other agreements, you can give us all notices regarding your deposit accounts or your periodic statements, except for stop payment orders, by email using our then current email address, regardless of anything in this agreement to the contrary; however, we reserve the right to have any notices confirmed in writing upon our request.

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