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Simply a better way to receive your monthly statement


eStatements are good for the environment. They literally save tons of paper which means fewer trees need to be harvested and less energy needs to be used to make the paper. Choosing estatements is something easy you can do, that really is Earth-friendly.

You get your statement sooner, because online delivery eliminates delays sometimes found with postal mail delivery.

estatements eliminate the clutter of paper statements and allow you to store and retrieve past statements right on your hard drive.

Identity Theft experts actually recommend electronic statements. Why? Because most identity theft occurs through the mail or improperly discarded paper documents containing sensitive information. estatements simply protect your information better than paper statements.

It costs you nothing to switch to estatements — and to have access to every transaction in your account, including check images, right at your fingertips.

Enroll today, and discover all the advantages of estatements.
Simply log into Personal Online Banking, and enroll for eStatements under the options tab.

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