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Signature Bank Launches Service Enhancing Client Debit Card Security

Sandy Springs, Georgia, June 28, 2017 (Newswire) –Signature Bank has launched an incredibly convenient new service to their debit card clients which enhances client control and security.

Newswire Image for Card Valet

Card Valet, powered by Fiserv, Inc. and provided through Signature Bank, allows clients to initiate debit card usage alerts, monitor spending and even turn their card off and on instantaneously.

Freddie Deutsch, Signature Bank President & CEO, states, “This may be one of the most valuable services we’ve launched for our clients in the last year. In today’s world of criminal activity associated with electronic fraud and theft, it gives our clients total control of their debit card activity. Being able to instantly turn your debit card on and off creates a peace of mind that we’ve not been able to offer before.”

Other valued services that have been introduced over the last year include instant issue debit cards, an enhanced online banking experience, a 48-Hour conditional loan approval program for businesses and most recently a newcomer program.  Due to the explosive growth within a three mile area of the bank office, the newcomer program offers benefits geared toward new residents moving into the Sandy Springs area, encouraging residents to shop, work, play and bank locally.  Everything Signature does is first evaluated from a client perspective because their promise is to always Make It Personal.

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